Software Support For Cura And Fusion 360

NT Connect support what we install. Cura is Ultimaker’s community driven software, and as such we use it! Have one of our machines and need help with Cura? Just contact us and we will help you resolve your issue to get you back to printing your designs as quickly as possible.

Cura What?

Cura is the slicing software used to process and print your 3D Designs. It hosts a list of powerful features, all with the added benefit of support from NT Connect when you get stuck on that important print job!

So What Can Cura Do?

Cura is a very powerful slicing software developed by Ultimaker themselves. Below are just some of the features Cura supports out of the box.

  • Full cross platform support, with support for Linux as well. 
  • Support for various 3D files like STL, OBJ, X3D and much more.
  • Remote monitoring of the prints in real time using the included webcam in all Ultimaker Printers. 
  • Full rendering of the print job, with virtual head path and design view. 
  • Pre-Developed print profiles for all Ultimaker Filaments. 
  • Plugin support to expand upon the already fantastic software features.
Cura also now supports Cura Connect, a software developed by Ultimaker to help make managing multiple Ultimaker 3D Printers easy, read on below. 
Cura Connect

Cura Connect allows management of large groups of printers. This is perfect for manufacturing plants that need print queues to allow them to have scheduled work start upon last print completion. Cura Connect is included with all of our Ultimaker 3 and up printers and integrates seamlessly with the Cura slicing software for ease of use and management.