Hardware And Service Support

3D Printers are complex machines with various moving parts and heated components. Over time these parts wear down and need to be replaced. With NT Connect, all your parts are covered and we replace them for you. With a fleet of fully trained technicians ready to go, we can have you back up and running  in no time at all. 

Keep Your 3D Printer Running Like New With Our Service Support Agreement

NT Connect wants your printer to perform like when you just unboxed it. For this reason we regularly service and clean them to ensure they keep running and printing like new. 

Print Cores
Service Support

The Print Cores are the final point of extrusion from the 3D Printer. The health and functionality of these Print Cores is vital to the finished result of your prints. 

Print Head
Service Support

The Print Head holds the Print Cores and is responsible for cooling them. 3D Printers Print Cores run upwards of 180c for hours on end and require cooling to maintain print precision.

Filament Extruder
Service Support

The Filament Extruder is what feeds your filament to the Print Cores. This component wears out over time and can start to slip, resulting in surface defects in your prints. 

Glass Bed
Service Support

The heated glass surface of your build plate is what your print sticks to and is constructed on. Some materials like CPE+ are even able to rip glass from the bed upon print removal, making it a serviceable item. 

Rails and Belts
Service Support

Your printer moves almost all of it’s parts with belts, and uses rails to guide them in the correct direction. The clearance and play in these items is imperative to a accurate print and are replaced at set intervals by NT Connect.

Bowden Tubes
Service Support

The Bowden Tubes guide the filament from the extruders to the Print Cores. The surface of these tubes must be smooth to ensure proper function of the printers. These get replaced once a year or when they fail. 

If you have any other questions about our service support, feel free to contact us at any time.